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Tampa-Pack’s ACC Power Rankings - Week Two

Week Two of the season is in the books. The Pack won a slugfest at UCONN. It looks like this week good ole #NCStateShit hit the Wolf Pack as Nevada let USF score on two consecutive drives each with a 50+ yard pass in the final 2:37 to win by one.

1 (1) Florida State - Lightning did what Savannah State couldn't. FSU was only up 55-0 when play was called in the middle of the third quarter.

2T (2T) Virginia Tech - Holds on to the #2 spot with another win.

2T (2T) Clemson - Stays tied with the Hokies with another win.

4 (4) Georgia Tech - It was Presbyterian College, but they scored a lot and held them to 3 points.

5 (5) NC State - UGLY, but a W on the road. There were some highlights!

6 (6) Virginia - How would you like to be Penn State's kicker. Ouch!

7 (10) Wake Forest - Stopped the tarheels from winning their "state championship" in Week 2. Congrats Deacs!

8 (7) North Carolina - Too many Pop-Tarts or is having to pretend to go to class starting to get in the way?

9 (9) Duke - Staying in the top 10, but waiting for these bottom four to distinguish themselves. Watch out for those jewelry loans guys...

10 (8) Miami - Happy they're not in Kansas anymore...

11 (11) Boston College - Yeah, it was Maine, but for the 2nd week they've put a lot of points on the board.

12 (12) Maryland - Yes, they won, but were outscored by Temple 24-10 in the second half.

(X) indicates previous ranking. As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Go PACK!