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ACC Exploring Potential 24-Hour TV Network


A dedicated, 24-hour ACC Network? Ninja Swoff is currently exploring just such an option--and this had been mentioned by him in the past--which could help offset some of the financial gap between the ACC and other power conferences.

Sounds like a fine idea to me, if it is in fact financially viable. I'll take some more ACC. Give me all the ACC you got. Howeva, the timing on this may not be so good. ESPN is prepping an SEC network launch, and it sounds like they are a bit reluctant to get an ACC channel rolling.

ESPN would represent a major voice in any channel launch and it is believed to be lukewarm on forming one, according to sources close to the discussions. ESPN currently has a contract to pay the ACC $3.6 billion over 15 years — averaging $240 million a year — for the conference’s media rights. It then sublicenses a syndication package to Raycom Sports, which, in turn, sublicenses some rights to Fox Sports Net.

So we'll just have to wait and see. The SEC will be the third power conference to start a network, and the ACC will continue to languish without one of its own. The ACC doesn't have a whole lot of options to fortify itself from raiders at this point, and a revenue boost from a television network would mean a lot to the league's stability.

If a network does come to fruition, I am going to apply for my own show, since the world needs Steven's Blogtime Adventure Hour, which would be the nation's first ACC-themed sketch comedy show. I'll also toss out This Week In Crap That Happened In Horrible ACC Football Games but I suspect that won't go over real well.