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Who Is Jacoby Brissett?

Al Messerschmidt

NC State added a quarterback to its roster when Jacoby Brissett decided to transfer to Raleigh rather than languish in Gainesville. So who is Jacoby Brissett? He was a four-star prospect in the class of 2011 according to He may be the theoretical ideal for a Dave Doeren offense, if Jordan Lynch is the blueprint. Rivals has this weird bar graph thing where it evaluates different attributes--for example, Brissett's arm strength is deemed "division one," while his agility and velocity (?) are "blue chip."

Here's Rivals recruiting analyst Mike Farrell apologizing for himself:

"I loved him and thought he was better than [Florida starting QB Jeff Driskel]," Farrell said. "The problem with Jacoby was that he was a basketball player and football, and he played both, and he never concentrated on football in my opinion [at Dwyer]. He gave it up when he went to Florida, but he should have given up his sophomore year."

Oh crap nobody tell Tom O'Brien about this.

Despite his apparently damaging partial-focus on football, Brissett played in eight games as a true freshman at Florida, which is in the SEC, I'm told. Brissett completed 18 of 39 passes that year for two scores and four interceptions. Dammit, that's not good, why did he have to play basketball. He probably had those damned Under Armour balls, too.

In 2012, he completed 23 of 35 attempts for 249 yards and a score. STOP PLAYING BASKETBALL