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No One Cares About That


Andrew Jones represents the worst in local sportswriting (Brett Friedlander is a close second with his irrelevant old-man rants). Here's Jones from his game story on Wednesay night. You see, CJ Leslie decided not to talk to the media, leading to a delightful representation of self-entitlement from Jones.

C.J. Leslie refused, even when prodded by NCSU officials. He walked away from the locker room shaking his head "no."

Leslie is a junior who has grown up a lot at NCSU (14-3, 3-1), so he should have handled it better. His refusal can be deemed as immature C.J. resurfacing, but it may have actually reflected the young man's desire to win has caught up and possibly surpassed his interest in personal performance.

These being human beings, it's understandable that under certain circumstances, they might not be interested in answering your pointless and boring questions. I love the petulant reactions from media members who have been denied the useless-question session they so deeply desire. Hey CJ, talk about your rebounding effort. Could you talk about your energy in the first half. Talk about. How 'bout we talk about. Let's talk about.

I appreciate as well the idea that this is some form of immaturity on Calvin's part. Well let's see..."I could go into this room and be assaulted by a plethora of mundane self-serving questions, or I could skip all that and hate this whole process a little bit less." Media members are an absolute fucking joke--they are simply looking to provide a foundation for a story idea they had prior to the end of any given game, and that's pathetic.That is not journalism; it is manipulative mad-libs-style template-filling garbage. ("It's a trap game!")

I'm bummed NC State lost to Maryland. There is no over-arching reason for this. It's college basketball. No lesson should be implied, no primary reason for defeat obvious. It's sports. It's a real shame that it went the wrong way, and that's the end of the story.