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This Wee...No...Whatever. TWEETS and CHEERLEADERS!

I'm froze in and bored, so, why the hell not?

Oh, Undertoe.....
Oh, Undertoe.....

Boys. BOYS. It's been a long damn time. Too long. Shewwee, I have been THROUGH IT!

Let's see, since my last post, what has happened...

Well,we had New Years, so there was that. Good times, good times. Got drunk. Yep.

January has cruised on by. Weather's been shitty. Mmm Hmmm.

Notre Dame had this linebacker story, perhaps you heard about it:


HA! That is fantastic.


I love that guy. So, let's see January. Lots of Pro Football happened. HARBOWL!!! I will yearn for the days of a Manti story by the time this is over with. Really great playoffs.Russell almost pulled it off. Happy for that guy. Our basketball squad pulled off the big upset:

More from Stan:

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, TOB got a new gig:

That picture will never not be funny. If I have to give a gold star, I guess it will have to go to this guy. H/T Omega for this gem:


That's a good thing to do, young man.

Adios my friends, until we meet again, and, keep it between the ditches.