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The STATE of the Pack

Now that we're 20 games into the season, lets see where the Pack stands, and what we can reasonably expect for the future.


Coming off the win over UNC-CH last night in Raleigh, and 20 games into the season, the Wolfpack sits at 16-4 overall, and 5-2 in conference. They are 12-0 at home, 1-3 on the road, and 3-1 on neutral courts (all stats courtesy of

A quick look at the season shows we are outscoring our opponents on average by about 9 points this season and out shooting them by about 10%. They are winning the rebounding margin by about 2 per game, and making 4.5 more free throws per game than our opponent.

They're 4-0 when scoring at least 90 points (Miami (OH), UMass, St. Bonaventure, UNC-CH) , 8-1 when scoring between 80 and 89 points (dang you Deacons), 2-1 when scoring between 70 and 79, 2-0 when scoring between 60 and 69 points, and 0-2 when scoring between 50 and 59 points.

Basically, it seems if we can hit at least 80 points, we should fare pretty well, and anything less than that is a crap shoot - which can probably be said for most teams, so I am not sure if that tells us anything.

What are your predictions for the rest of the season, ACC tournament, and the Big Dance?

Realistically, I think Miami ends our perfect home record, and we don't win in Durham or CH, though I'd love to be wrong. If they guys can put forth half the effort from last night's first half for the rest of the games (not just one half of each game), I think the rest of the ACC games will be okay.

ACC tournament and Big Dance? What a wildcard! We could easily get hot and roll through both, or we could lose in the first round of each. I'll say ACC runner-up and an Elite 8.

We get #alltherecruits, take over the world, and ESPN has to relocate to Raleigh to document all our future basketball and football success. Go PACK! #education