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It's Official: O'Brien, Jon Tenuta to Virginia

TOB will serve as associate head coach for offense and tight ends coach while Tenuta will fill the defensive coordinator and will be the associate head coach for defense.


According to the Washington Post, TOB to Virginia is now official. The article maintains that O'Brien is being brought in to "instill discipline" in a Virginia squad that was the second-most penalized in the ACC this season. Interestingly, the article also speculates that he will be giving game decision advice to London, who apparently has been heavily criticized for his game management in the past.

I'm a little surprised this happened - if I was Tom, I'd be soaking up the sun right now out at the beach. Tenuta doesn't surprise me in the least - I'm very sad to see the guy go, but I'm glad he is getting a shot at defensive coordinator. He turned down a DC job last year to come back to work for us, so it would have been sad if that had ended up costing him a shot at a coordinator job this year when the coaching change was made. While TOB leaving doesn't much harm us as far as non-compete goes (and even saves us a bit of money), losing Tenuta to an in-conference foe might actually be a pain in the rear one day in the not-too distant future. Good luck to both of these guys in the future - but not THAT much luck.