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Oregon Wearing Pink Helmets And Holding Auction To Support Kay Yow Cancer Fund


I don't know how this ended up coming together, but it's pretty cool. Oregon's going pink this month, like a lot of schools, in support of breast cancer awareness.

The Ducks are taking it step beyond that, though, and they've teamed with the Kay Yow Cancer Fund for an auction of some of the pink helmets, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Yow Fund. That auction begins on Saturday, if you want to take a shot at winning one of the helmets, and will carry through the next several days. In total, the Ducks will auction off 25 helmets, some which will be autographed by Mark Helfrich, Dan Fouts, Joey Heisman, and Ahmad Rashad (!).

There is more information here.

A sincere thanks to you, Oregon, for helping put this together. You make that pink look good, too. NC State should really look into putting together this sort of thing on an annual basis.