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Battle Cannon Interrupts Mark Gottfried's Cardio Workout

Joe Robbins

First off, I want to credit whichever person in the athletics department responsible for embracing the Battle Cannon moniker. I don't remember where it started exactly--might have been Lauren Brownlow's creation--but it's been a running joke on the tubes for a while now.

And clearly these two gentlemen deserve to host their own web series. In this installment, they pester Mark Gottfried while he's doing some cardio, which is just perfect.

"Every game you've put me and him in, we have won. You think you're gonna do that more this season?"

That's a great point right there, and while I've for the most part been a fan of this coaching staff, I do have to wonder why they wouldn't get Staats Battle and Chase Cannon into every game given their dramatic history of success. Do the coaches not watch tape? You put those two in the game, press fast forward for 10 minutes, and we're up 25. It's just that simple.

We can't overtake Duke or UNC in a day, but sometimes the answer isn't as complicated as it seems. Sometimes it's standing right next to your elliptical.