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ACC Power Rankings - Week 9

Well, FSU easily confirmed my thoughts on where they belonged in the Power Rankings. On the other side, the old North state isn't performing so well now securing 4 of the last 5 spots in the rankings! #ACCfootball

We're gonna make those guys forget about this football season!
We're gonna make those guys forget about this football season!
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida State (2) – Took care of Clemson to take an inside track to the Atlantic Division title and also hopped up to #2 in the BCS rankings.

2. Clemson (9) – Got manhandled by FSU at home.  Now playing to stay in the hunt for an at-large BCS invitation.

3. Miami (7) – Much like I wasn’t sold on Clemson, I just don’t think Miami is this good.  We will see as the season progresses.

4. Virginia Tech (14) – From hot seat to #14 in the BCS.  Well done Frank, well done!

As exciting as ACC football is right now, after those top four there is a SERIOUS drop off in the rankings.  Lots and lots of 0.500 ish teams.  Your guess is as good as mine from here on out.  Final rankings will most likely be determined by who beats who, but since this is the ACC I am banking on everyone just beating everyone – Woo hoo 500 football!!

5. Maryland (NR)

6. Georgia Tech (NR)

7. Pitt (NR)

8. Boston College (NR)

9. Syracuse (NR)

10. Wake Forest (NR) – Yes, this is your 3rd place team in the Atlantic today.

11. NC State (NR)

12. Duke

13. North Carolina (NR)

14. Virginia (NR)