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ACC Power Rankings - Week 6

There are so many insanely good things on the blog this week, but I wanted to recap where the teams fall in the Power Rankings. With this insane week at work, I present the extremely abbreviated edition of the Power Rankings. Have fun, y'all!

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Florida State (8/8) – Didn’t look fantastic against BC, but I am keeping them atop the standings.
  2. Clemson (3/3) – Beat down the Deacons last week. Is this a new Clemson team, or is a “clemsoning” on the horizon?
  3. Miami (14/14) – Took relative care of a pretty poor South Florida squad.
  4. Maryland (25/ORV) – Trying to give the ACC a fourth Top-25 squad.
  5. Virginia Tech (ORV/ORV) – Won on the road in Atlanta to leap frog the other Tech.
  6. Georgia Tech (ORV/ORV) – Dropped a conference game against VT.
  7. NC State (NR/NR) – Took care of CMU, looking to break the streak in Winston-Salem.
  8. Pitt (NR/NR) – Beat Virginia for another conference win.
  9. North Carolina (NR/NR) – Things heading south in Chapel Hill. Don’t worry, you guys can start looking forward to basketball season again. Nothing more to see here…
  10. Duke (NR/NR) – Beat the always powerful Troy by 7 last week.
  11. Syracuse (NR/NR) – About basketball season...
  12. Boston College (NR/NR) – Gave FSU a much closer than expected game last week.
  13. Virginia (NR/NR) – A conference loss to Pitt last week.
  14. Wake Forest (NR/NR) – Took it on the chin from Clemson last week.

Legend: ORV = Others Receiving Votes, NR = Not Ranked