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QB Issues: Mitchell, Thomas, Both, Punt on Third Down?

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Never has the old adage, "if you have a QB controversy, you have a QB problem" been more true.

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren indicated that both Brandon Mitchell and Pete Thomas will play Saturday against Duke, and the fact that neither QB has taken the job outright with his performance shows, in a nutshell, why N.C. State has backslid so severely in season one without an NFL-caliber QB barking the signals. Mike Glennon and Russell Wilson made up for a lot of shortcomings over the years.

But, as the oft-overused phrase goes, it is what it is (or "what's it is what's it is," in Royspeak). Ain't no use in cryin' over spilt milk, etc. If N.C. State is going to win at Duke Saturday, or win any game from here on in, it will have to do so with some iteration of Mitchell and Thomas at the helm. (I guess it's possible to dust off Shirreffs again or maybe just let the walk-ons Harrison-Beck it out there, but I doubt that's going to happen.)

Here are their passing numbers for comparison:


Of course it's not at all a fair comparison, as Mitchell had @FSU and less than one full quarter against Louisiana Tech's olé defense. Thomas got three-plus quarters against the Bulldogs, FCS Richmond, and Central Michigan. His numbers should be a lot better than Mitchell's based on the competition each faced, but both guys will have to play a lot better against the remaining competition for N.C. State to, well, score more than one touchdown in a game and maybe break 20 points for the first time against ACC competition.

Here are their rushing numbers for comparison:


Again...@FSU. I think we saw against UNC that Mitchell is the far better runner, though the small sample of stats accumulated so far doesn't back that up.

So, what say you? Should Doeren mix and match them, with Canada hopefully calling plays that fit their respective strengths, perhaps even putting them on the field at the same time every now and then to give defenses a little something extra to think about? Should it be Mitchell's job for at least another week since he really hasn't had much of a chance (two games, one @FSU) to prove himself coming off his foot injury? Is it time to go back to Thomas?

Yeah, baby. It's poll time. Rock the vote.