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SB Nation's Bowl Game Watchability Guide

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If there were any question about which bowls you should prioritize this year, don't worry, because we've scientifically ranked them all by watchability on a scale of one to 10. Maybe I was a little harsh on the Alamo Bowl matchup. I can admit that a two might be a smidge low.

But it also might not be, because Texas could be a complete mess, and Oregon should be pretty pissed about how its season ended. The reverse might also be true, because it's bowl season and who knows. Dangit, I knew I should have hedged.

My ACC bias shows here, but I genuinely like the Ole Miss-GT, UNC-Cincy, and Maryland-Marshall games ... and there's this strange feeling that Duke will keep up with Texas A&M. At least one of those games will become some absurd back-and-forth affair; that might actually happen in all of them. I'd be okay with that, because this is all the college football we have left this season.