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ECU Vs. NC State Mini-Preview And Game Thread

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Since I didn't get to a full preview on ECU, here are some quick-hitters:

-- This Pirates team is paper thin, though they've done a good job of avoiding fouls. They aren't especially big either, leading to plenty of second chances for opponents. NC State should be able to take advantage of that, and score effectively in the paint.

-- Offensively, ECU likes to shoot the three a lot. There are essentially just three guys who will be taking these shots: Akeem Richmond, Paris Roberts-Campbell, and Caleb White. Richmond is worrisome because he's a high-volume shooter, and a good one. The plus side: knowing that 131 of his 147 field goal attempts this year have been threes. Over the top on them ball screens all day, son.

-- Michael Zangari and Brandan Stith have been tremendous on the offensive glass, but they are the only serious concerns for State in that regard. Stith has also been great on the defensive glass, not to mention that he's shooting 58.6% while ranking among the nation's top 250 in block and steal rates. I'm ready to adopt this dude and I've never seen him play.

The Pomeroy Predictor likes NCSU by 11. The game will be televised on your local regional area local area local sports network. ESPN3 will also have it.