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Australian Shepherd: Will the Dandy Vandy Keep This Up?

A seven-foot savior from Down Under?

All Vandy All the Time on the Front Page!
All Vandy All the Time on the Front Page!
Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

All caveats regarding sample size are in full effect, but look where our Australian Shepherd would rank in the ACC in the categories* below if he had enough games to qualify:

FG%: 69.6 (1st)

2pt. FG%: 69.6 (1st)

Blocks per Game: 3.0 (1st)

Effective FG%: 69.6 (1st)

Block%: 13.0 (1st)

True Shooting%: 68.9 (2nd)

Offensive Rating: 140.9 (3rd)

Offensive Rebounding % 11.6 (4th)

Rebounds per Game: 7.0 (T 7th)

Player Efficiency Rating: 27.5 (7th)

Turnover%: 7.7 (T 7th)

Total Rebounding %: 15.1 (9th)

Win Shares per 40 Minutes: .235 (T 9th)

The above looks like the résumé of, at worst, an honorable mention all-ACC performer. If T.J. Warren continues along at his POY-caliber clip and Jordan Vandenberg can replicate his breakout performance through the rigors of conference play, it's a pretty safe bet that N.C. State's preseason ranking of 10th in the conference pegs the club far too low.

I'm not enough pitchers into the Kool-Aid to call this team an ACC title contender, but if the Dandy Vandy is for real, it sure looks like an NCAA dancer. Sports are fun again.