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Staats Battle, Former NCAA Coolest Name Champion, No Longer a Part of the NCSU Basketball Team

Greatest NC State athlete of all time parts ways with program.

Srdjan Stevanovic

According to the internets, Staats Battle is no longer a part of the NC State basketball team, presumably for reasons relating to the DUI charge he acquired on the first of the year.

As one of the greatest names ever to wear the Red and White, Staats played in a total of 22 minutes over his three year career at NC State, going 7-27 from the field during that stretch. Despite posting such mindblowing numbers, however, Staats' greatest accomplishment came in the spring of 2012, when he made a miracle run to the ESPN National Championship of Coolest Names in College Basketball, and captured the National Title. Remaining humble throughout the ensuing maelstrom of fame, Staats returned to the NC State basketball team for its fated 2013 National Championship run, contributing massively during the first half of the regular season toward that end. Sadly, he parted ways with the program shortly after the Winter break, leaving his team to push to the title that year without him. One of the greatest players to ever take the floor, and perhaps one of the greatest athletes of all time, Staats Battle will undoubtedly be back to PNC Arena in years to come - to personally raise his internationally-recognized number 30 jersey to the rafters.

And before you guys comment, no, there are no pictures of Staats Battle available through SBNation's Presswire thingy. So here's a picture of some soccer coach instead.