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The Big East Is Quite Dead

What the Tulane is going on out here?
What the Tulane is going on out here?
Stacy Revere

So what does a Big East television contract look like for a league sans the Catholic 7, Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, Notre Dame, and Louisville? Well, it uh, it's deeply unfortunate.

NBC Sports Network verbally offered the Big East between $20 million and $23 million per year for six years to acquire the league's media rights, sources told ESPN.

The NBC Sports Network! Twenty mil per year--and this is not per team, mind you, it's the total payout--which comes out to a couple million per school annually. Good heavens what a complete disaster. If there were any doubts about the Big East's fade into oblivion, this erases them. Just as a reminder, some Big Five schools are earning $20+ million per year. It's gonna be awfully tough for Big East schools to compete at a high level given that they're pulling in like 10% of what power conference schools are making on an annual basis.

To add insult to injury, the Catholic 7 appear headed to a much better deal--they're in talks with Fox Sports about a contract that would pay the league $30-$40 million per year.

Oh, and the Big East turned down a nine-year $1.17 billion deal from ESPN a couple years back. Whoopsies!