NC State Shit Strikes on the Recruiting Trail

Well boys I don't know if anyone has seen the latest ESPN Top 100 but our three recruits have taken moderate to massive dives in the rankings. Personally I think Scout is the best recruiting site for basketball while ESPN just updates their rankings based on where someone has signed, when they are signing, and/or who's recruiting them. So with that being said here are our 3 recruits with their new rankings and how far they have dropped.

Anthony "Cat" Barber

ESPN Old rank: 11

ESPN New rank: 23

Rivals: 11

Scout: 16

Beejay Anya

ESPN Old rank: 32

ESPN New rank: 69

Rivals: 49

Scout: 60

Kyle Washington

ESPN Old rank: 68 (I think?)

ESPN New rank: 83

Rivals: 99

Scout: 93

Class Ranking

ESPN Old rank: 9

ESPN New rank: 13

Rivals: 11

Scout: 9

The silver lining here is that Julius Randle still remains a top 5 recruit by all sites even after his injury, but I don't think any of us were too concerned about that. ESPN also updated its Top 60 and Cody Martin went to 59 while Caleb stayed at 32. Also also the Jordan Brand Classic rosters were announced and our best shot, Cat Barber, wasn't selected so I will continue to hate post-Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan. Basically after all that's said and done you never want to see your players drop in the rankings, but I guess what I'm asking is is this cause for concern? I say "Ehh not really"