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NC State Loses Again In Final Minute

Grant Halverson

I don't know what to say about this shit anymore. I'm tired and it's been a painful last couple of weeks. This team is so close to being where Miami is right now, but when you get into one-possession games in the last four minutes, you get yourself into coinflip situations, and we simply have not had anything remotely resembling good luck in league play thus far.

It's not coaching. Sometimes a tidal wave of heinous fuckery hits, and so it goes. NC State will be fine, and if the team can play with this sort of intensity away from its home floor, great things can happen. Tyler Lewis was fantastic today and deserves a ton of credit for stepping up in a tough situation. Once he got into the game, he was effective scoring off the dribble and finding his teammates for open looks. We haven't seen it much, but today he looked every bit the part of a McDonald's All-American.

It's a shame that that effort ended up squandered. Everybody gave good effort. They made some crucial plays down the stretch to put themselves in position to win. But a couple of turnovers in the last two minutes and a missed one-and-one opportunity ultimately doomed NC State. So the fuck it goes.

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