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It's The Little Things


I'll miss a lot when this season is over. This has been the most exciting NC State team--for better or worse--that I've ever seen. I love watching them in transition, and I'm just glad I'm witness to a team that can be so ruthless in the open floor, even on a secondary break. (On occasion they end up doing some dumb shit in these situations, but that's a price well worth paying.) Sometimes it's that secondary break that destroys opponents. They become so concerned about getting back and stopping the ball that they lose track of Scott Wood, for example.


I look for this exchange every single time Lorenzo Brown has the ball and Wood is "nonchalantly" trailing the play. In this case, Florida State is scrambling into position to halt a transition opportunity, and all of its defenders are well inside the arc. And Zo knows exactly where he's going.

Wood's range extends way beyond the college three-point line, but this is something that opponents forget on occasion. Lorenzo Brown doesn't.