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Why Is Riddick Field House Worth Saving?

Streeter Lecka

If you haven't heard, Riddick Field House is due to be demolished in the near future. It is an ancient building and the last remnant of Riddick Stadium, but serves no practical purpose on campus. So I was a bit surprised to find students taking up the cause of preserving the building, going so far as to start a Facebook campaign.

I never lived on east campus, so I rarely had reason to take the tunnel leading to the field house. The times I did, though, I had to stifle the inclination to raise my arms above my head, look to my left at the old west stands and pretend like I was suited up for a big game. Not a lot of people used that tunnel, but someone could have seen. And then how would I explain my actions away?

"Just imagining I was Roman Gabriel for a sec."

[blank stare]

"Just imagining I was playing football in the '60s for a sec."

[people slowly back away, turn, and run]

The bookstore I could understand preserving from architectural and practical perspectives--modernist history aside, it was a hub on campus for obvious reasons. The field house is just kinda out there, though, sitting by itself at one end of a parking lot. Other than my own sense of nostalgia when walking through that archway, I don't know what else I'd miss about the building.