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Hey, No Sweat: Offense Rolls In Second Half, Leads NC State to 82-64 Win Over Boston College

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports
Four Factors NCSU BC
eFG% 61.9 45.4
Turnover Rate 20.5
Off Reb Rate 50.0 30.6
FT Rate 23.7 35.2

BC 64 63.3 101.0 129.5
NCSU 82 63.3 129.5 101.0

Box Score (pdf)

The first half was frustrating primarily because Boston College hit some silly three-pointers, but NC State left nothing in doubt in the second half en route to the victory, and that frustration quickly dissipated. The Pack hit 20 of 31 field goal attempts over the final 20 minutes, including 18 of 26 twos; it helps when you're getting a lot of easy looks in-close. State's offense found its groove, Lorenzo Brown took over for a bit, and the undermanned Eagles had no answers.

Rodney Purvis took advantage of his superior athleticism to put together a career night--he hit seven of eight two-point attempts. He took full advantage of the transition opportunities that the Pack managed to generate. Scott Wood had a hell of a night as well; in addition to the five three-pointers he knocked down, he collected three steals and two offensive rebounds (!).

The win improves NC State to 20-8 overall and 9-6 in ACC play. Maryland lost to Georgia Tech tonight and fell to 7-8 in conference, so the Wolfpack has a solid grip on fifth place (with time to move up, of course) with three league games to go. Two more wins would guarantee a finish no lower than fifth.

Despite missing out on pre-game post padding, tonight's champion of all internet champions is Omega Wolf:

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1 Omega Wolf 197
2 Akula Wolf 118
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19 Tampa-Pack 1