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Notre Dame Will Join ACC For 2013-14 Season

Jonathan Daniel

With the official announcement last week that the Catholic 7 and Big East were splitting--the Catholic 7 now being the Big East and the Big East now being an as yet unnamed entity and ow I have a headache--it comes as little surprise that Notre Dame has worked out a deal to get out of that mess a year early. The Irish will join the ACC this year, meaning that ACC hoops is now adding a trio of top-25-caliber basketball programs next season. Should be fun.

Louisville, on the other hand, is most likely stuck in the wasteland for another season. Based on what I've read, the ACC wouldn't want to add the Cardinals early in part because it would create unbalanced football divisions, which is understandable. Bringing the Cardinals in when the Terps leave just saves a lot of headaches. So the realization of complete ACC basketball utopia will have to wait one more year.