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Scott Wood Has No More Time For Your Questions


Scott Wood has heard every question you might want to ask following a game, and he is no longer interested in expending the verbal energy necessary to answer them. So he simply wrote his answers to the basics on a whiteboard for the convenience of the reporters in attendance. T.J. Warren added a note as well.

Wood has given us some memorable post-game moments, and if this is his parting shot in that regard, it's a hell of a way to go out. Really, he's just doing everyone a favor. There's no need to worry about recording his comments or transcribing them; they're all right there to be scribbled down at your leisure. You're welcome, ACC media members.

I just hope he realizes that now he has to do this after every win in the tournament, because if he doesn't then he might have to answer questions about how frustrating something is. We don't want that. Well, we do, but not at the expense of a victory.