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Wood Doin' Work

Senior sharpshooter leads the nation in offensiveness.

Streeter Lecka

Scott Wood leads the nation in offensive rating, producing 133.9 points per 100 possessions. Unless it's a dunk or layup, I say no one shoots until Scotty has had at least one touch during every possession of the NCAA tournament for however long the run lasts (which will be all the way; haven't you seen my bracket?). Yup. Just gonna send Gott a strategy tweet. Sure he'll ‘preciate it. Probably get a hat tip in the postgame presser after we sever some nets in the ATL.

Wood's firm position atop the leaderboard highlights a number of impressive rankings for the not-offensively-challenged Pack. I present them to you in easy to digest bullet form:

  • Wood: 9th in 3's (102), 9th in true shooting % (66.5%), and 10th in 3-point FG% (44.4%)
  • Richard Howell: 1st in awesome (1,000,000%)*, 1st in BTP message board nicknames (CDB, beardmode, Big Rich, etc.)*, 2nd in total rebounds (365), 4th in offensive rebounds (128), 5th in rebounds per game (10.7), 6th in defensive rebounds (237), 19th in total rebound % (19.7), and 20th in field goal % (56.6%)
  • T.J. Warren: 4th in field goal % (62.6%), 5th in effective field goal % (65.0%), and 14th in offensive rating (128.6)
  • Lorenzo Brown: 7th in assists per game (7.2) and 7th in assists (230)
  • C.J. Leslie: 19th in free throw attempts (225)

*Not actual statistics

Actual statistics above were pilfered without permission from College Basketball Reference; here is their glossary if you would like an explanation of some of those newfangled metrics.

Bucknell's Mike Muscala leads the nation in total rebounds with 368. Counting stats are far inferior to rate stats blah blah blah. It would be cool if the Pack's season goes at least one more game than Bucknell's season so that Howell can pass him and hopefully hold off everyone else for the title of Mostest Rebounds Grabbed in all the Land!

Oh, and get Wood the ball please-k-thx.