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Notre Dame Basketball Joining The ACC This Fall Or Then There's Aw Hell The Hell With It

Jonathan Daniel

With the breakaway of the Catholic 7 apparently imminent this year, Notre Dame's basketball team could end up joining the ACC a year ahead of schedule.

The departure of the Catholic 7 schools, which would officially begin their new league on July 1, also could mean Notre Dame joins the ACC this summer instead of 2014.

Sources said Notre Dame has planned on remaining in the Big East for the 2013-14 academic year as long as the Catholic 7 schools did so. However, if those schools left before then, the Fighting Irish would also look to join the ACC this summer.

So the sadness that is ACC basketball could end up with Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame in the league next year, which would work wonders for the overall quality of the league. Football will end up ruining this for all of us--hell, it's pretty much already ruined college sports. So whether we have this configuration for one year or one month, we should enjoy it. We should especially enjoy the agitation that it generates from Jim Boeheim. This is the best conceivable part about realignment. It bothers Jim Boeheim. In a way, this is enough.