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Around The ACC: Alex Len Goes Pro, Reggie Bullock Leaning That Way

Jason Szenes

Bad things happen to other schools too, you know. Maryland center Alex Len is skipping his final two seasons to enter the NBA Draft. He appears to be in good shape to make it into the lottery, so the decision to leave is certainly understandable. And a relief for the rest of the ACC. You can't hurt us any more, Alex Len, you tip-making meanie. Still can't believe you would do such a callous thing to us. We have feelings too.

In other news, the Tar Heels will have P.J. Hairston for at least one more season, but it appears Reggie Bullock is one his way out the door.

So UNC is probably doomed now that such an efficient shooter is leaving hahaha I'm just kidding. /sobs

And Virginia is down one three-point shootin', mostly-invisible guard--Paul Jesperson has decided to transfer. He was an effective outside shooter last season but didn't provide the Cavaliers much else at that end of the floor. He was probably looking at a decrease in playing time this coming season.