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NC State Beats UNC 100-0 In Rugby

Martin Hunter

When I was checking my news feed and found this story, I assumed there was a typo, but no, this is a real score. NC State's club rugby team beat North Carolina by 100 points, and somewhere John Heisman is nodding in approval at such a preposterous margin of victory. Even better was this remark from an NC State player, who was pumped about beating the bleep out of the Tar Heels:

"I couldn't ask for a better end to my college rugby career: beating the [snot] out of UNC," said Abe Harman, team president and graduating senior.

I hear you, Abe. Beating the shit out of Carolina is a great ending to just about anything. I am not familiar with the scoring system in rugby, but I fully understand and appreciate the universal "these clowns got the shit beat out of them" signal that is a 100-0 final score.

So take that, Carolina. You may hold the edge in just about every NCAA-sanctioned sport, but when it comes to club-level competition, we got scoreboard for days.