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T.J. Warren Will Return; Tyler Lewis Will Return Unless He Doesn't

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, the sky stopped falling.


Whew. Warren was really starting to worry me, but based on the comments from his father earlier this offseason, I think they decided that giving T.J. the chance to significantly boost his draft stock was a better idea than taking what would have been a bit of a dice roll this year--at least in terms of making it into the first round.

Now, then, we can turn our attention to roster additions rather than possible defections. Shooting guard Desmond Lee and forward Josh Davis are at the top of the wish list right now, but I'm sure the staff is evaluating as many different options as it can.

UPDATE: Lewis deleted the above tweet, and WHAT DOES IT MEAN SHOULD WE PANIC AGAIN I SAY YES. Ahem. What I mean is, this is all dumb and I have a headache. I'm quitting the internet until August.