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CDB Did It

Richard Howell grabbed more rebounds than any other collegian man on the planet.

Here is a final look at N. C. State's individual finishes among the top 20 in the 44 categories on's CBB leaderboard. As noted in the cover photo, CDB is #1 in more than just our hearts.

Richard Howell: 1st in total rebounds (380), 5th in rebounds per game (10.9), 6th in defensive rebounds (249), 7th in offensive rebounds (131), 16th in total rebounding % (19.6), 19th in FG% (57.0)

Scott Wood: 1st in offensive rating (133.9), 11th in true shooting % (66.2), 11th in 3-point FG% (44.1), 12th in 3-point FGs (104)

T. J. Warren: 4th in FG% (62.2)*, 5th in effective FG% (64.5)*, 14th in offensive rating (127.9)

*led all freshpersons

Lorenzo Brown: 6th in assists per game (7.2), 10th in assists (239)

C.J. Leslie: 20th in FT attempts (232)

For fun, look below at the numbers from hopefully former and future Wolfpacker Josh Davis, who would be a worthy replacement for his eminence, CDB.

Josh Davis: 1st in offensive rebounds (143), 1st in free throw attempts (282), 3rd in total rebounds (374), 5th in free throws (202), 8th in rebounds per game (10.7), 12th in defensive rebounds (231)