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2013 ACC Baseball Tournament: NC State Gets The No. 4 Seed

We're gonna get that third game against UNC. Just how much it matters remains to be seen.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

NC State took care of business and completed a sweep of Duke this afternoon, but the Pack needed a Clemson win in Tallahassee to win the Atlantic, and alas, that did not happen. So NC State is the four-seed, but that's not really a bad thing given how the ACC tournament pools sorted themselves out:

Pool A
No. 1 UNC, No. 4 NC State, No. 5 Clemson, No. 8 Miami

Pool B
No. 2 FSU, No. 3 UVA, No. 6 Virginia Tech, No. 7 Georgia Tech

In case you need a refresher, it's a round-robin format with the winner of each pool meeting in the ACC title game next Sunday. The tournament gets underway on Wednesday, and every team gets a day off during pool play. Game times will be released on Sunday. It's a fair bet Avent will try to save Rodon for UNC, but in any case I wouldn't expect to see Rodon on Wednesday (assuming we play Wednesday) after he threw almost 130 pitches on Friday.