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NC State, Carolina Hurricanes Quibbling Over Schedule

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

NC State has to work with Gale Force Holdings and the Carolina Hurricanes every year for scheduling purposes, and normally they iron out scheduling conflicts without much trouble--usually 13 months in advance. But this year, shit is getting real. They still haven't sorted everything out for the 2013-14 season, and to hear the Hurricanes tell it, that's because NC State is being less flexible.

"Because we have been told by the N.C. State athletic department that it will not be as flexible as previous administrations, the number of events will be significantly reduced as more shows will skip PNC Arena due to the lack of available dates," [Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford] wrote in one of many letters sent back and forth between affected parties at PNC Arena.

"Have I beaten North Carolina today?" -- Dave Doeren

"Have I beaten the Carolina Hurricanes today?" -- Debbie Yow

But seriously, kids, let get this thing figured out, okay? I like the both of you very much and it pains me to see you having marital issues.