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NCAA Baseball Tournament 2013: Raleigh Regional Field Announced

The road to Omaha begins...

Harry How

It was announced Sunday night that NC State will host a regional, which came as no surprise whatsoever. Now we know who the Pack will have to get past in order to reach the next round. State will open against Binghamton, and William & Mary and Ole Miss round out the regional.

The Wolfpack was in the running for a national seed, but NC State ultimately did not receive one. The committee instead chose to give two seeds to Pac-12 schools that had fine seasons but in terms of wins and losses against top-50 RPI opponents came no where near close to stacking up with the Wolfpack. UNC, Virginia, and FSU earned national seeds, and the committee probably decided that the ACC shouldn't get four. There is no cap on the number of seeds a league can get, but it seems to be an unofficial factor in these things, and unfortunately we got the short end of the stick this time.

The good news is that we can exact revenge--Oregon got the No. 8 seed, and that is NC State's potential super regional matchup. This is a far, far better draw than what NC State endured last season, and a totally winnable series. Oregon probably didn't deserve that slot, and I'm loving the fact that we ended up paired with the lowest-ranked national seed. And given the matchup, it looks like NC State was, in the committee's estimation, the ninth-best team in the field.

First things first, of course. Ole Miss won't be an easy out.