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We're Gonna Win 10 Games? We're Gonna Win 10 Games!


Sporting News' Matt Hayes thinks Dave Doeren can win right away. He thinks Doeren can really, really win right away.

It's as much about the NC State defense he inherits, and the schedule. The former could be ridiculously good, and the latter looks to be ridiculously fortunate.

There are eight home games, and the only difficult road game appears to be at Florida State in late October - when the Wolfpack will have played six games under Doeren. If Pete Thomas, a quality quarterback on some truly awful Colorado State teams in 2010-11 can limit mistakes in his first season in Raleigh, Doeren's string of double-digit victory seasons will continue.

Now hold on just a sec here. What's this business about inheriting a great defense? The schedule is favorable, to be sure, but I kinda had my eyes down around the 6-7 win level, rather than, say, TEN. I mean if Dave Doeren wins 10+ in year one he will be crowned King of NC State Forever and everyone will swoon and there will be two months of parades and the wolf fountain in front of the Murphy Center Doeren Center will be replaced by a giant Dave Doeren fountain that spews craft beer and cheeseburgers.

This is most likely some nefarious UNC-led plot to put us all through a potentially-deadly amount of psychological trauma. In two weeks we'll have talked ourselves into thinking that 10 wins is indeed realistic in 2013 and wonder how the heck we didn't realize it sooner.