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NC State and the Director's Cup


A few days ago the next to last standings of the Director’s Cup were released (pdf) so I wanted to take a look and see how NC State was performing. If I understand correctly, these rankings do not take into account softball or baseball, so we should receive some slight improvement over our current ranking.

Currently, NC State ranks 37th overall in the Director’s Cup Standings. That’s good enough for 6th place in the conference among our peers.

That’s a pretty significant improvement over a relatively short period of time, and something to be very proud of. Obviously we’ve got some ground to make up, but it looks like we are on the right track.

For reference, here is how NC State has finished over the last few years. Fair warning, you may want to hide your eyes for some of this:

Year / Overall Rank / Conference Rank / Conference "Champion" (Overall Rank)

08-09 / 74 / 11 / UNC (2)

09-10 / 89 / 12 / Virginia (3)

10-11 / 67 / 10 / Duke (5)

11-12 / 37 / 7 / UNC (10)

Anyone want to guess who was hired in June 2010?