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NC State's Season Ends With 7-0 Loss To UNC


Carlos Rodon took the hill for NC State on three days' rest, and while he wasn't in full mow-them-down mode, he was still pretty damned good. As it would turn out, the fact that he gave up two runs was irrelevant. Hobbs Johnson was simply better--or NC State's lineup was just that much worse. Whatever the case, the Wolfpack never could get comfortable at the plate, and by the time UNC led 2-0, it felt almost insurmountable. The rest was just stuff that happened.

Man this was fun, though. All of it, I mean. It still doesn't completely register when I remind myself that we made it all the way to the College World Series and actually played in that stadium. NC State's starting rotation was too thin to give it a realistic shot at a title, and the Pack compounded matters with too many mental mistakes over the last two games. That's the cold reality of it, but I'm not interested in dwelling on those things.

The experience was awesome. It fucking sucks that we couldn't take advantage of that first win. We can be right back here again next year, though. I wouldn't have thought I'd ever be able to say that.

Incredible year, fantastic team. Unfortunately the best team in college baseball stood in the way; Carolina's preposterous wealth of depth in every area was evident today, because Carlos Rodon can only do so much. He's a hell of a trump card, but he's still just one man (for now; I'm looking at you, NC State scientists).

I'm not angry. Let's not be angry about this. Let's all do some high fives. We have another year of Rodon and Trea Turner. The fun ain't stoppin' now.