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Lorenzo Brown The Only NC State Player Taken In 2013 NBA Draft


Lorenzo Brown is a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves--he was selected 52nd overall--but neither Calvin nor Richard Howell heard their names called. I thought by the time we got into the final 10 picks, we'd be on Howell Watch, but as it turned out, all of State's guys slid probably well beyond where they thought they were going to go before the proceedings began.

There was this hours before the draft began:

And I'm still surprised. I figured somebody would take a chance on Leslie for all of his raw skills, disorganized though they might be. Instead he'll have to find a way to catch on via free agency, and maybe this means sticking around for a third college season was a mistake.

Leslie and Brown didn't show any obvious improvement this past season, and that looks costly right now. The other thing probably working against them is age--Leslie is 22, and Brown will be 23 in a month.

Anyway, I hope things work out for those two. And somebody had damn well better give Howell a shot.