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ACC Still Trying To Facilitate Sale Of Raycom's Rights Back To ESPN


Raycom has the rights to 31 football games and 60 basketball games, some of which are sublicensed to Fox Sports, and, well, this is awkward, Raycom, but ESPN and the ACC are gonna need those back. ESPN has to have the rights if it's going to move forward with a 24-hour ACC network, and getting them back is probably going to be costly. The ACC may contribute some cash to lessen the cost to ESPN:

It seems unlikely that Raycom would sell back to ESPN on the cheap, and the ACC knows this. That's why the ACC plans to make the deal "enticing" for Raycom and will probably have to come out of pocket to secure a successful sell, according to a source with direct knowledge of the ACC's plan. There's also a chance that Raycom/Fox could keep some of the content. This will be part of the negotiation.

Don't blow this for us, Raycom! I'd like an ACC Network yesterday because give me more sports I need I need, but it looks like we'll be waiting for a while.