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You Can't Live That Thug Life 'Til You Get To The NBA, P.J.

North Carolina guard P.J. Hairston arrested for pot possession.

Ed Zurga

UNC's P.J. Hairston got it backwards. You are supposed to declare for the draft, realize your NBA dreams, and then start living that thug life. News broke today that Hairston was arrested on marijuana possession charges, adding yet another black eye to the once pristine image of the self-proclaimed flagship of the University of North Carolina system.

The 6-6 guard took the sophomore step forward for the Heels last season, averaging 14.6 points per game while burying nearly 40% of his threes, and many expected him to join teammate Reggie Bullock in declaring for the NBA draft. Now he will return to a lengthy suspension.

Naah...his discipline will be "handled internally" and he surely will not miss any playing time unless it is against an early-season, non-conference cupcake. He might get docked some AFAM credits.

Being one of those freaky libertarian types that thinks all drugs should be decriminalized, I would find the offense to be rather forgettable if Hairston was just another student. But, given his prominent role in UNC's basketball program and the school's recent history with the NCAA, it was a really, really stupid mistake from both a personal and PR standpoint.

Oh how I would've loved to see the Coke-spewing, obscenity-laced tirade from Ol' Roy when he got the news.

UPDATE: Durham police have indicated that someone in the vehicle tossed a gun out of the window before the stop that led to Hairston's arrest for marijuana possession and driving without a license. Forensics tests are being conducted on the weapon.

This just got more interesting. Someone pass the popcorn.