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Dammit, Andrea


Well, it figures something stupid and annoying is named Andrea given how the third season of The Walking Dead went. In this case, we are talking about a stupid annoying storm that is probably going to cancel NC State's baseball game on Friday. State dealt with inclement weather in the supers last year as well, and it interrupted Carlos Rodon's start, saving the Gators from a rightful death by Rodon. And if that happens again, so help me...

So don't be wishy-washy here, Andrea. Either go all-in with the precipitation or get the heck on out of here.

According to current projections, Andrea is gonna be making its way through the triangle all day, but it's sounding like we'll be able to get games in on Saturday and Sunday. NC State has set up a weather info page that is being updated as necessary, so if you have tickets for the weekend, you probably will want to bookmark this sucker.