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YES, Please: Yankees' Network to Televise ACC Basketball, Football

Swoff taking Manhattan (or at least the Bronx) by storm.

Cameron Spencer

I'll leave it to YES to explain the particulars.

What most intrigues me about this move is whether it is intended as a step to pave the way to an ACC basketball tournament in NYC, a thing that would make Greensboro-hater Jim Boeheim happy and whatever conference traditionalists are left among us want to jump from the Empire State Building.

NYC is and will always be a pro sports town, but making inroads into a market of over eight million can't be a bad thing for the conference. Those inroads include the Pinstripe Bowl, which will be played in Yankee Stadium and feature an ACC-Big Ten contest starting in 2014. Imagine the ratings for that Rutgers-Syracuse thriller!

Swoff has thoroughly plunged his sword through the heart of the Big East, and now he is twisting it.