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Hairston Admits Getting Rental From Fats Thomas, Being Recreational Marijuana Smoker

The N&O got the police report from P.J. Hairston's arrest. Which is to say that DAN KANE BACK Y'ALL.

"Mr. Hairston stated that he does not smoke marijuana on a regular basis, however, he is a recreational smoker," the report said. "Mr. Hairston stated that he does not smoke marijuana to get high, but he will take a ‘hit' or two occasionally."

Hairston said he had received the vehicle two hours before the traffic stop from a man he identified as "Fatts."

"Mr. Hairston stated that ‘Fatts' rented the vehicle for Mr. Hairston because he was planning on traveling to Atlanta this weekend to see some friends," the report said.

Thomas told USA Today in an interview last week that he doesn't know Hairston, but he told The N&O later that he knows UNC athletes through parties.

As Mark Armstrong wondered just a while ago on Twitter, gotta wonder how forthcoming about all of this Hairston was with Roy. That certainly could factor into the length of a team-levied suspension, if that ever materializes.