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CJ Leslie Makes The Highlight Reel In Vegas


CJ Leslie looked more comfortable in his second summer league game in Las Vegas, though that didn't result in big numbers. He finished with nine points on 4-10 shooting and collected five rebounds. He was more Calvin and less CJ in the second half; there was one sequence where he made a quick move to the rim for a bucket and then drew a charge on the subsequent defensive possession.

He also used that quick first step to do this (hat tip to Newclass for the link). One little jab to the baseline and it was all over. He had so much room to operate in this particular case I'm surprised he didn't break down in tears at the mere sight of that vacant lane.

Scott Wood and the Clippers also were in action Sunday; Wood finished with three points on 1-5 shooting in 12 minutes. All of his field goal attempts came from three-point range.

The Knicks (Leslie), Clippers (Wood), Nuggets (Howell), and Timberwolves (Brown) all have games Monday.