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Prepare Yourselves: The New Targeting Rule Is Gonna Cause Frustration


The NCAA amended its targeting rule to include a mandatory ejection, and this will lead to widespread frustration and anger this year because like any other decision on the field that's in part a judgment call, it's going to be open to varied interpretations. The spirit and intent of the rule are fine, but hoo boy are we gonna have some cup-tossin' outrage around the country a time or 30.

Both the ACC's supervisor of officials and former NFL VP of Officiating Mike Pereira said that Jadeveon Clowney would have been ejected for this hit in South Carolina's bowl game last year, for example. That was not flagged when it happened and hadn't been interpreted as anything other than clean and, uh, physical.

Click through to that link and read Pereira's running commentary as he watches the play. It's in that gray area, and he is obviously hesitant about which way to go with the call. And that right there is a window into the mountain of controversy on the horizon.

So just start preparing yourself now, and remember that if any State players are ejected during the UNC game, it's definitely a conspiracy.