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Random Prognostication Time: Which Skill Position Player Has The Biggest Year?


We know that NC State's offense is going to look quite a bit different this year, not the least because someone other than Mike Glennon will be running it, but what's hard to figure is just who is gonna thrive right away under a different set of circumstances.

I'm not going to lie--I'm actually enjoying the cloud surrounding this offense. We don't know what in the hell is going to happen, and I think that's great. Bryan Underwood might catch 20 touchdowns this year. A running back could appear competent. We just don't know. Anything is possible, and not one bit of it may make sense.

Tony Creecy, Bryan Underwood, Shadrach Thornton, Rashard Smith, and Quintin Payton give the new staff a decent skill-position foundation, though not one can reliably expected to have a huge year. One of them might. Three of them might**.

(**A smidge optimistic.)

But let's take some wild guesses about the skill position all-star in 2013 anyway.