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Oh Crap We Don't Have A Defensive Line

Joe Robbins

If I've heard it once, I've heard it 17 times. "I know Logan Winkles is gone for the year, but I feel as though I nonetheless have a panic deficit at this point in time." My friend, I hear you. I know exactly what you mean. The fullback just doesn't move the needle. And so I present you with this:

How about on the other side with the depth you guys have on the defensive line?

We don't have a lot right now, there's too many of them watching practice, but when they're all healthy, we'll have some good depth. We just have a lot of guys with training camp bumps and bruises that weren't out there today.

I'm just reading between the lines here--the lines between the lines about the line--but I am confident this is code language meant to obscure the fact that every defensive lineman on the team is seriously injured. Tom O'Brien saw to it that a hex was placed on the practice fields (he buried one of his longsleeve shirts under an end zone), and he's rubbing his hands together in delight just now, knowing full well that we are almost out of the Gentrys needed to combat another wave of injuries.

And... yep, there it is. I'm freakin' out now. Man, I feel so much better.