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NC State Brews Its Own Beer, But Good Luck Finding It

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

I had no idea NC State has its own brewery, but I should have figured. Few things make as much cosmic sense as an NC State-owned painkiller of this nature. This should have been established way before NC State ice cream. Unfortunately, the ice cream is a lot easier to come by than the beer.

The drawback is you can't buy Wolfpack beer anywhere, unlike Wolfpack ice cream. The Umstead Act prohibits government agencies from competing with private businesses. Exemptions are many, but beer is not one of them. You can drink these brews at university functions only, and the sales at these campus events pay for the next batch's supplies.

Is there not some legal way we could categorize home football games as "university functions"? A lawyer should be able to walk into a court room, throw up the wolf sign, and walk out while the judge offers a solemn acknowledgment in the form of a knowing and rueful nod. Case damned closed.