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Preseason Power Rankings

As the season officially kicks off very soon, it's time to unveil the 2013 preseason Power Rankings.


Ok, ok, everyone please stop holding your breath.  The ACC Power Rankings are here.  This year for added pain, I’ve attempted to pick the winners of each game.  Please feel free to play along at home - it could be fun (or something like that). 

First off I’d like to state the obvious - this is not looking like a banner year for the ACC.  Once you pass about 3rd or 4th in the Power Rankings, it really appears that anyone could end up anywhere – i.e. there may be a LOT of shuffling in the first two to three weeks.  Once I got to the point that I didn’t know what to do with the remaining teams, I’ve just generally ranked them on recent history and/or how much I dislike them personally – which is always a fair metric.  So without further ado…

  1. Clemson (8/8) – Hosts Georgia (5/5) in a prime time game to start the season. Some think Georgia might have a shot at the national title this year, and while Clemson probably doesn’t, knocking off the #5 team would be a great way to start the year. Tampa-Pack’s pick: Georgia
  2. Florida State (11/12) – Wow, who made this schedule? Opening the season on the road at new conference mate Pitt. Certainly, the season could have started easier, but a win means things are going well in Tallahassee. Tampa-Pack’s pick: FSU
  3. Notre Dame (14/11) – Ok, so Notre Dame might not technically be in the ACC for football, but I felt obligated to include them – probably solely on the fact that without them we only have two top 25 teams, which is quite embarrassing. Opens their season at home against Temple. Tampa-Pack’s pick: ND
  4. Miami (ORV/ORV) – Opening at home against Florida Atlantic University. Many think Miami might have the pieces to be a top-25 team this season. Is the U back? Tampa-Pack’s pick: Miami
  5. Virginia Tech (ORV/ORV) – Yikes! Opening against Alabama in the Chik-fil-A kickoff. I suspect VT will field a quality team this season, but also suspect that Alabama will come out well, like Alabama is expected to, and blow this game wide open early. Tampa-Pack’s pick: Alabama
  6. North Carolina (ORV/ORV) – Opening their season at top 10 South Carolina (6/7). Think Steve Spurrier would like to beat his former rival and the other “Carolina”? Yeah, me too. I think the Blue Red Bulls keep it close longer than anyone expects, but fall short in the end. Tampa-Pack’s pick: South Carolina
  7. Georgia Tech (ORV/NR) – Opens their season with Elon, which should be an easy win. Have the ACC coaches finally figured out how to stop the GT offense? Tampa-Pack’s pick: GT
  8. NC State (NR/NR) – As we all know, the season kicks off against Louisiana Tech. Louisiana Tech certainly won’t be the Louisiana Tech of last season, but I’m sure Skip Holtz would love to get his first win in Raleigh. Lots of unknowns on both sides, but I think the Pack pulls it out. Tampa-Pack’s pick: WOLFPACK
  9. Pitt (NR/NR) – Welcome to the conference, Pitt. The conference office delivered a nice welcome basket consisting of hosting Florida State for your opener. FSU will be looking to put together a great season, but it’s a long trip up to Pitt. I predict FSU will win, pulling away after the half. Tampa-Pack’s pick: FSU
  10. Duke (NR/NR) – Looking to defeat North Carolina Central to earn the City of Durham championship. Tampa-Pack’s pick: Duke
  11. Maryland (NR/NR) – Hosting Florida International University to open their conference farewell tour. Can’t be gone fast enough. Tampa-Pack’s pick: Maryland
  12. Syracuse (NR/NR) – Hosting Penn State in their conference opener. I am sure plenty of people in New York and Pennsylvania will be thrilled. Tampa-Pack’s pick: Penn State
  13. Virginia (NR/NR) – Hosting BYU to start the season. Tampa-Pack’s pick: BYU
  14. Wake Forest (NR/NR) – Should pick up a win to start the season hosting Presbyterian. Tampa-Pack’s pick: WF
  15. Boston College (NR/NR) – Hosting Villanova to start the season. I have no idea what conference Villanova might play in and will admit I am too lazy to research. Tampa-Pack’s pick: BC

Polls: (AP/USA Today Coaches)

Legend: ORV = Others Receiving Votes, NR = Not Ranked