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Behold This Sign In All Its Glory


There's really not much that I can add to this sign, which is a real thing that is apparently sitting outside of a mechanic's shop in the Capital Boulevard area of Raleigh.

Is that a crudely-drawn New York Yankees logo? Yes, yes it is. Every UNC fan stereotype is encapsulated and reinforced here. This is like a monument, as far as I'm concerned. I would like to make annual pilgrimages to the site of the sign, maybe leave some flowers or an old Vince Carter Raptors jersey. It is perfect in every way. I would replace every "This Is Our State" billboard with it.

All of the events and triumphs in America's great history have led to this moment in time, this culmination of a nation, and of a people. Seek out this sign, and pay it the respect it deserves.