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Shadrach Thornton Suspended For Louisiana Tech Game

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

Dave Doeren announced after practice Wednesday that Shadrach Thornton will not play in NC State' season opener against Louisiana Tech.

Why it wasn't announced "awhile ago," I don't know, but okay. Anyway, we can go ahead and pencil in Tony Creecy as the starter, though there's always the possibility that somebody else surprises in camp and nabs the job. Either way, somebody else is going to have an opportunity to get more carries than anticipated impress in Week 1.


"The bottom line is he knows he made a mistake putting himself in that position. We handled it, removed him from all team activities except for academics. He had to live his life the way that he should live to my opinion or to his opinion until he could come back and exercise with the guys. That's where he is now. He's exercising with us, but the week of the event, we talked a lot and he won't play in the first game - that was decided a long time ago, regardless of the outcome of the court date.

Additionally, we got these tweets out of the blue the other day, so take these for whatever they are worth.

I had inadvertently figured out the identity of Shad's girlfriend before that note while doing some extremely important BTP-related business (okay I was looking at Shad's Instagram account), so I feel pretty certain that is her Twitter account.